Negative ION Force

So, you’ve learned about the aspect of Positive Ion Force and how it relates to your Chi Power abilities.

Let’s now look into the other side of “Chi Force”…

Negative ION Force

Just like Positive ION Force repells, Negative ION Force attract what you want.

This is a simple yet profound process.

Many talk about attraction, but how many of these people know that it is a physical force?

The “Laws of Attraction” are many.

That is why I said “laws” of attraction not merely “The Law of Attraction“.

Creating a powerful attracting force can be used for many different things such as.

> Attracting animals to you

-> Attracting abundance

-> Attracting objects

-> Attracting health

This Negative ION pulling force is an aspect of Yin Chi just as the Positive is Yang Chi

Yin Energy Attracts, Yang Repels

In the Chi Power Plus System, you will learn the Phase I aspect of this attraction process…

Even though it is Phase I, we have had people from all over the world get tremendous results of attracting what they desire.

– – – – – The Negative ION Process – – – –

By using specific Yin Chi breathing techniques you will be able to move objects towards you.

You will also feel the Chi of others much more easily and you will begin an aspect of psychic awareness like never before.

You will be able feel the movements of others as well as their intentions, especially if meant to harm you.

When someone puts off Yang Chi (Repelling) and you are in a Yin Chi state, you can feel that Yang
Chi very easily.

Many books have been written about how to attract your desires, but very few link up the powerful and hidden aspect of the Physical.

Attraction is Physical–Mental–Spiritual

If you want to get good at anything, you need to make a commitment to take action…

Take action now, you’ll be glad you did!

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I always get asked…

“What is the real purpose of Chi Power Training”

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