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Essential Tools You'll Need...

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Downloads-- Mind Force Closed Door Hypnosis System

Manipulation: The Master Secrets of Covert Persuasion and Hypnotic Influence

Manipulation & (3) Bonus  Hypnosis Books

Following are the links to the download sites for each of the products ordered in this pack.


Ultimate Hypnotic Influence Documents and MP3s



Mind Force Self Hypnosis Files

Mind Force Self Hypnosis Files are close to 80 minutes long and gives powerful insights, inductions & suggestions on how to become a more powerful Controller...

Closed Door Self Hypnosis PDF Worksheets, Induction Scripts and Secret Files

Rapid Fire Advanced Hypnotic Influence Strategies

These books & MP3s contain everything you need to be able to achieve your Hypnotic Influence Training with confidence! Other expensive teachings are sold for up to 100 times the cost of this revolutionary mind expanding courses!!!! ....and none of these have a more easy way to learn than the concepts found in this course......

This course does not leave you wondering what to do once you are a confident and competent Controller of your life, like other teaching aids do, it shows you in step-by-step detail how to apply this in your life now from your new abilities and much more besides!

The Hypnotic Influence Pack is everything that an instructional course should be...... and much, much more!!!

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