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What You Will Learn During This FREE Online Workshop:

  • *IMPORTANT-- You Will Feel The Qi Live!

    Qi energy is real…So real, that for those of you who are sensitive to energy, you will actually feel the Qi energy during this session. My goal is to make this a transformational event, not just a boring webinar.

  • How The Triad Method Works and Why Most Qigong Instructors Have It All Wrong

    It took me over 20 years to distill down the methods taught in “The Secret Society of Mind Force & Quantum Qigong”, and I will reveal some of those to you in this workshop…For a short time this workshop will be free, then I will be adding it into one of my new courses and it will only be open to paying members.

  • You Will Learn The Three Pathways to These Secrets

    I’m going to put everything out there for you, and show you exactly what it will take for you to maximize your Qi energy and become a controller of your life. I’ll show you the fastest way possible and I’ll also show you the most cost effective way many people use.


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